Freedom of thought?
So many dictated things to write. Do I fail to journal my free thoughts?

So many things I am faced with keep pointing to the same strange human necessity to place barriers and control on life's senses. So to remove one sense, what does it do? Do we see such things as a challenge or an experiment. Perhaps an exercise, similar to a gymnasium for the mind!

A boundary is made on sound. To sit in a sea of silence, with only the echoes of thought. Perhaps so much easier in isolation than in a group, but then perhaps the same can be said about living. It's fascinating that the first thing we do is to surround ourselves with distractions, stimuli for the senses. It's so very hard to be alone with one's thoughts. It stirs up feelings of isolation and the hunger for foods.

It's also very interesting that as humans we complain about not having enough time to do things, but when we are given the time we also find other excuses as to why we cannot do the things we want.

Similarly interesting, why we obey what we are told to do, without question? Surely this should take a huge amount of trust and respect....?

Here are the answers to my given questions....

What I have?

I am here. In this place of tranquility and beauty. The sun is beautiful, enriching and only enhances the simplistic beauty that surrounds me. I sit here with gratitude, reflecting on all that I have in my life.

A solid home, a family I love so dearly. Friends who inspire and adore. People who love me and are proud of what I am. A successful job.

I grow with everything that I have.
I want for nothing.

What is Freedom?

Without limitations, control or boundaries. The removal of barriers, be them external, internal, dictated or of the self.

The space both Physical and psychological to enable oneself to move fluidly and grow, expanding multi dimensionally.

What is Peace?

A state of mind when calmness, quietness, and contentment are prominent.

Like that feeling of a pure simple smile within.
A silent secret that has been acknowledged and accepted.
A truth that is always known but not always felt....
A profound purity.

Obstacles to freedom and peace?

Confidence to listen to the wisdom within. To act upon this inner knowledge and the force that tells us what to do.

What is the need behind you to place these obstacles down?

Fear of the unknown, doubt of my own ability to shine. Distractions within society and the reality we live in. Basic Needs such as food, shelter and love. Familiarity of routine and family and an ultimate sense of belonging.

The sense of desire which will be achieved when you reach your ultimate goal?

To give without need of return.
To find peace within what I wish to do and be.
To have everything I need without desire or want. Contentment within.
To promote truth and share honesty.
To see a more loving, harmonious world.
To Experience my destiny in this life.

To be silenced.... The pressure builds up. Why do we feel the need to release, or act out or desires? Is it through fear? Or just excess energy? Nervous energy or agitation? Shakti energy finding finding ways to manifest?

Finding another way for this energy to be expressed.

The fear of power.
Our deepest fear being that of our fullest potential. Personal, physical and mental barriers we place around ourselves.

What we must do to remove these barriers, is forgive ourselves and find a peace within the silence of our hearts and minds, allowing our truth to shine forth and become our true potential. This provides the strength and support only ourselves can give. With added loving kindness from the world around us, surrounding ourselves with the support of friends and loved ones...


Hakuin’s Zen Poem.

If we turn inward and prove our true nature, the true self is no self, our own self is no self.
We go beyond ego and past clever words.
Then the gate to the oneness of cause and effect is thrown open. Not two and two and not three and three, straight ahead runs the way…
Now our thought is no thought, so our dancing and songs are the voice of dharma.”