for men who want to integrate their sexual energy into their spiritual development.


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richard's first encounter with naked yoga was in summer 2005 at a HNY workshop in London. he later went on, to join Aaron Star at the Costa Rica retreat, which opened up the start of a very exciting journey. his experiences with this type of practice enabled him to discover an inner happiness and freedom he had not known before. it was then that he decided to share with others the gift of yoga through teaching. his playful curiosity towards yoga goes hand in hand with the teachings of tantra.



yoganu aims to


- promote physical wellbeing, build strength/flexibility and detoxify the body.

- develop a deeper relationship with yourself

- harmonise mind, body, spirit

- expand and deepen your personal relationships with others





why naked yoga?

naked yoga is a way for us to explore who we are, physically, energetically and consciously, allowing us ultimately to become happier with who we are. we often identify ourselves by our jobs, how much money we earn, the clothes and labels we wear. when we strip ourselves of all of these how do we then define ourselves?


yoganu embraces all regardless of age, sexual orientation, race and experience. exploration of our naked selves and how we practice and relate with others, helps us to be more in touch and honest with ourselves in a relaxed and safe environment.


sensual energy is embraced in yogic and tantric practices and is seen as a potent part of our life force as a whole. through Nude yoga we delve deeper, and learn to acknowledge and integrate all of these energies into our spiritual lives in a fun and enhancing way.




with an expanding community of men enjoying yoganu, it is possible to offer classes for everyone, making nude yoga in London accessible to all. we offer beginner, intermediate and mixed level classes.

a 75 minute class combining relaxation, breath work and a more dynamic physical vinyasa practice (flowing sequence of postures) and is suitable for people who have some previous experience of yoga. most classes will be themed monthly and include optional partner work, which is a great way to discover how we can help each other to explore yoga as a group and to share these experiences with other people. each class is a unique personal exploration towards creating space and finding a balance between the physical body and the mind.


suitable for beginners, people who haven't been practicing for a while, or more experienced yogi's who feel as though there is always more to learn! new 6 week courses start regularly and will focus on a different theme. during these exploratory workshops you will get the opportunity to discover many of the different aspects of yoganu. there will be a focus on deepening your awareness of the body and how it moves, with specific guidelines on alignment and safety. throughout the course you will get to practice with different partners.

slow and deep
This 75 minute class will be looking at comfort and balance within the physical body. A unique blend of a more restorative and therapeutic approach to asana; holding postures for a longer period of time for a intense yet delightful stretch. combining the deep stretch of yinyoga, and the slow strength building of viniyoga, this class is suitable for all levels including beginners, particular aimed at people with tightness, inflexibility and minor muscular discomfort (or as a warm up for the Intermediate class).

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