on living, life and love....
when something comes to an end, we immediately feel a sense of loss for ourselves. is it because of selfishness for our own needs and desires or a simply a cry of sadness for the loss of our past? we usually put all of our energy into focussing on the negativity of the end, when perhaps instead we could focus on smiling and showing gratitude for the experiences we have gained. it is so much harder to sometimes see this when it involves relations and matters of the heart.


the mind fails to see logic and the heart yearns for that second beat which your physical desire once had, those sweet memories of sharing each other when two heart beats became one.


it is so true when we are told, that you don’t know what you have until you are without it. experiencing a part of you or a certain something has gone missing, a feeling of without, an unearthly emptiness. we go on with everyday existence, with a masked exterior, hiding these feelings of emptiness that still reside inside.


it is harder still when we have no idea, when someone will be taken, or the separation is beyond our control. that is when life truly seems against us. The stars seem to defy us and we blame the moon for not hearing the lovers prayer we speak of each night in our dreams. so what is there for us to hold onto? a fistful of photographs, an earful of magical music moments, and a movie show of memories behind closed eyes late a night before sleeping. that brief moment in the morning when you awake from a blissful dream and for that split second forget the unforgettable.


so when we are faced with this challenge, we must close our eyes and remember those beautiful moments of sharing, companionship and touch. using the situation to remind us to enjoy the moment when it happens. to enjoy the now. to live in the present moment and forget our past experiences and not worry what the future has in store. live for the day. thanking who ever you are with for sharing it with you. experiencing full tendencies in time, unique to only you at that brief present moment.


we like to feel independently in control of our existence, but we often close our eyes and fail to realise our need for support and guidance.


so next time someone offers you there hand for guidance, their ear for listening and support, their arms for holding, hands for touch, or even their heart and soul for loving. take the opportunity to embrace the experience with complete joy and gratitude. reflecting and digesting your emotions and feelings and sigh out any doubt that those moments we share may someday be any less than real than they are in that present moment of existence, shared and experienced only by you.



you belong to that moment in time, that remarkable miracle of circumstance and beauty. may these moments forever remain in truth, knowing only to themselves happiness and love. they will always exist in that perfect moment of truth, always will, and can never ever be taken from you.


such is living, such is life and such is love.